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What is the thermo stretch ceiling?
A thermo-stretched ceiling is a non-flammable M1 PVC sheet that stretches under the effect of heat along the perimeter of the walls thanks to a specific fixing system.
The palette of colors available is very wide, you can have in matt and lacquered version with mirror finishes and different material effects (metal, wood and cement) allowing you to furnish the spaces in an original way. You can also have it in a translucent version, creating entirely bright ceilings or walls, even in 3D version. Panels are available in acoustic version, to improve the comfort of the rooms.
You can print on it in high definition, any image, creating solutions with great emotional impact. Not least the climate version, creating real radiant surfaces with maximum comfort. (Performance AAA cold and AAA hot according to ISO 7730).
About us
We are a BARRISOL certified company specialized in the realization of thermo- stretched ceilings, and ARTOLIS walls.

The goal of our company is to create innovative, unique and tailored solutions, in order to create exclusive works for our customers.

Our staff is made up of BARRISOL certified designers, consultants and installers specialized in the sector, in order to provide the various solutions on time, following the customer from the first phase of the project up to the implementation and maintenance.
Create perfectly lit environments. With our thermo-stretch panels it is possible to create ceilings or walls and 3D installations, with tailor-made precision, adapting perfectly to the architecture of the spaces.
The LED installed light is always designed to have homogeneity on the entire surface of the ceiling and wall. In addition, our light is often installed in a dimmable version and compatible with the best brands of home automation. It is possible to have it in monochromatic, tunable white and RGB versions.
Our installations on the walls can offer the Interior designer a wide range of solutions.
These coatings with high resistance to shock and vibration, are ideal for wall coverings.
Using the standard range and printing in high definition you can realize solutions with high emotional value.
It is also possible to create walls with a height of 5.00 meters without having welds in this way it is possible to obtain projection screens for conference rooms and other areas where required. Our walls in acoustic version improve the livability of the spaces.
The laying is carried out at room temperature and complies with all the standards in force.
It is possible to realize, using a cloth in the climate version, a ceiling that has very performing radiant properties, both for cold and hot seasons.
The particular solution manages to have a Performance AAA cold and AAA hot according to ISO 7730. Special profiles, in addition to holding the cloth, allows both the delivery and the air recovery.
In both summer and winter, the air-conditioning flow touches the exterior walls, so the annoying effect of hot or cold walls disappears. In addition, the surface of the cloth spreads the climate naturally, creating a sweet and pleasant feeling of warmth or freshness.
Thanks to high-definition digital printing technology, your walls and ceilings can be printed with your favorite images (minimum resolution of 360 dpi of 1/10 quality of the final format) or you can choose from our wide collection of images.
Our range of Nano-perforated acoustic sheets are able to absorb sounds and thus reduce noise pollution in public or private environments. These sheets limit the reverberation effect, often enemy of good audibility and sound comfort.
The sound absorption reduces the intensity of the reflection of sound waves in a room. The movement of the air generated by the sound source is partially absorbed by the cloth that reflects only a part of it, thus damping the effect of reverberation.
Our 3D sheets allow you to structure the stretched ceiling in such a way as to give it three-dimensional architectural lines. Thanks to the freedom of creation allowed by all our special profiles, the design of volumes and three-dimensional shapes is absolutely possible. All architectural forms are achievable: waves, cones, inserts, pyramids, vaults, etc.
This cloth combines the reflective power of the mirror, the manageability of the cloth and the ease of installation, as well as being equipped with an impeccable and unexpected reflective power.
Specially designed to be fixed on self-supporting paintings of different shapes (2D or 3D), these sheets offer spaces a truly unique and emotional decoration. The mirror version can also be printed and backlit thanks to custom perforations for an exceptional and unique scenography.
Transformed into wood, into flexible and light material, acoustic, bright or adapting to all shapes, wood essences invest places for unlimited applications.
Extremely light, with only 120gr / sq m, marble becomes versatile and cheap.
Transforming marble into a soft and light material, acoustic, bright and/ or adaptable to all shapes. Printed in millions of colours on the coverings, the marbles cover the spaces to create applications without limits.
We have developed a new concrete effect line that allows you to create concrete while maintaining the lightness of the fabric.
The trompe-l'oeil effect, guaranteed by a unique finish that imitates that of concrete, is combined with the technicality and performance of fabrics and our patented systems.
Our sheets offer a brand new range of 8 exclusive PVC membranes that make up original and decorative effects for ceilings or walls. This new range combines original visual games with our renowned technical and aesthetic qualities: 100% recyclable, CE certified, and fireproof.
Our chandeliers are distinguished by a three-dimensionality highly volumetric, this creates a perfect synergy between stretch material, LED lighting and metal structure.
The surrounding skin forms a scalable volumetric object of size making them adaptable to a wide variety of architectural spaces, including hotel lobbies, lobbies and others at double height.


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